Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Playa Del Carmen He Llegado!

After living in the Bay Area for almost 5 decades I packed my fudge and moved my life to Playa Del Carmen. This was the most impromptu decisions I’ve ever made. Everything has been working out thus far so it’s all good. The weather is warm and water is perfect temperature  I've been swimming every day and have yet to be hit by a Gringo on a jet ski. The best part is that I’m not a celebrity down here yet, so I don’t need to always be looking over my shoulder for people to avoid that I don’t want to talk to.

Actual Photo Not Taken in Playa Del Carmen
And don’t worry; I haven’t had any trouble with the drug cartels. It’s not like the Wire. It’s pretty safe downtown. The closest thing to a strapped kid standing on the corner slinging rock is me standing on the corner, guns loaded, showing people where the beach is.

First Car I Purchased

I bought a condo in Vegas and had been spending a fair amount of time there for work. Instead of having to get a rental each time, my friend and I decided to purchase a cheap car that we could leave at the complex. We searched on craigslist and ended up buying it from this chick who was selling all her recently deceased fathers belongings. We negotiated the price of $1,000. She also let us go through her father’s house and pick out anything we wanted. I came away with some rice, a bag of MSG and one of those arm extender trash grabber thingy’s. 
Photo Reenactiment. Actual Car is no where to be found.

The Balloon That Created A Legend

This happened when I was in second grade:

My Family and I were at a back to school night. After it was over I was on the blacktop running around. My parents were yelling at us to get in the car because we were leaving. I was planning on heading back to the car once I caught the balloon I’d been chasing. It was dark and I was running full speed with my eyes fixed on the red balloon when smack. I ran straight into a metal pole about head high. One of those poles meant to keep cars out. I headed back to the car with my shoulder aching. But my pride ached worse for letting that damn balloon getaway. My Dad spanked me for making them wait and told me to get in.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

Welcome to the first post of my second blog. If you are looking to improve yourself and don't care to read about me an my personal life, then read my other blog:

Most people use New Years and Birthdays to reflect on the past year. That means most people are sad twice a year because each reflection reminds them how little they have progressed in life. Good thing for me I only need to reflect once because I was born on January 4th. I can surmise 2012 and my 24th year at the same time. Here's a few memories from 2012:

Glacier Walk

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Me

Me and my chocolate Belgium friend (and no I'm not being racist)

Allow myself to introduce myself

Admiring the view in Uruguay

I figure it is about time to update this. I read my last about me for the first time in years and I realized it comes off a little arrogant. So I'm going to temper this one and let you know a little more updated version of what's going on with my life in this post Rapture world.

Why you should join my blog

Having trouble getting a great night sleep?
Wish you could have washboard abs?
Want a delicious meal without all the calories?
Have you lost that spark in the bedroom?
Looking to shave a few strokes off your handicap?
Would you like thicker fuller hair?
Wish there was a magic pill to solve all your problems?

Shower Kings Shower Secrets

Hard at work
4 Tips to Showering success:

Skip this section if you don't care about me and want to get straight to the tips. 
I was known as the Shower King in college, one of many nicknames. And as the Shower King I am here to share tips and secrets I have picked up throughout the years. But let me first give you a little taste of my shower roots.
As a kid most of my shower life was spent in the locker room after swim practice. We used to have soap fights and make soap bubbles (those of you that swam should know what I'm talking about). With experienced soap bubblers we could easily make 100 square feet plus bubbles. I then moved on to more mature things once I got into college. I don't want to get too into detail but one of the things we would do is soap each other up and practice sliding across the floor for distance. I would usually skip weights to get an extra hour of practice.

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