Wednesday, March 13, 2013

First Car I Purchased

I bought a condo in Vegas and had been spending a fair amount of time there for work. Instead of having to get a rental each time, my friend and I decided to purchase a cheap car that we could leave at the complex. We searched on craigslist and ended up buying it from this chick who was selling all her recently deceased fathers belongings. We negotiated the price of $1,000. She also let us go through her father’s house and pick out anything we wanted. I came away with some rice, a bag of MSG and one of those arm extender trash grabber thingy’s. 
Photo Reenactiment. Actual Car is no where to be found.

We were stoked. We got a decent price on a jalopy and some extra goodies. When it was time to head back to the YAY I left the car in the garage and jumped a flight home. A few days later I get a call from the HOA asking me if it’s my car. I confirm. They complain to me about the appearance of the car. I’m sure residents were complaining to management that there was this kicker parked near them. A few days later I get another call from HOA and the guy is telling me I have to move it because it’s leaking oil all over the place. I try to explain to him that I won’t be down there for another month and he says, “I understand bro but it’s like Z to the Y to the Z that I might have to move it before.” Yes he really said that. I didn’t realize people actually talk like that.

A couple months later I return to Vegas and my car is gone. I call the towing company to ask how much it will cost to get my car back. At $50 a day the price to get it back is more than the car is worth. I just said forget it and considered it a bad beat.

Funny thing is though, I never had a chance to get it registered so I wonder if the next time that girl went to the DMV they harassed her about a huge fee she’d racked up on her old car.

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