Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Playa Del Carmen He Llegado!

After living in the Bay Area for almost 5 decades I packed my fudge and moved my life to Playa Del Carmen. This was the most impromptu decisions I’ve ever made. Everything has been working out thus far so it’s all good. The weather is warm and water is perfect temperature  I've been swimming every day and have yet to be hit by a Gringo on a jet ski. The best part is that I’m not a celebrity down here yet, so I don’t need to always be looking over my shoulder for people to avoid that I don’t want to talk to.

Actual Photo Not Taken in Playa Del Carmen
And don’t worry; I haven’t had any trouble with the drug cartels. It’s not like the Wire. It’s pretty safe downtown. The closest thing to a strapped kid standing on the corner slinging rock is me standing on the corner, guns loaded, showing people where the beach is.

Sorry no photos yet because I don’t have someone to hold the camera to take majestic pictures of me on the playa. And I don’t want to ask one of the Mexicans to take it for me because they’ll probably steal my camera.

I will be accepting visitors after Lent. Hit me up for reservations.

Los mexicanos llaman a esta DominaciĆ³n

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