Friday, January 4, 2013

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

Welcome to the first post of my second blog. If you are looking to improve yourself and don't care to read about me an my personal life, then read my other blog:

Most people use New Years and Birthdays to reflect on the past year. That means most people are sad twice a year because each reflection reminds them how little they have progressed in life. Good thing for me I only need to reflect once because I was born on January 4th. I can surmise 2012 and my 24th year at the same time. Here's a few memories from 2012:

Glacier Walk

In the beginning of the year the Woman and I took a trip to Iceland. The main purpose of the trip was to see the Northern Lights but the clouds did not abide. We went to a Troll museum instead. Yes, they really believe in Trolls there. Björk has confirmed this in several interviews. Good thing the seafood was amazing. More on this trip: Iceland 2012

Our team of 3 goalies and 4 field players

The most relaxing week I had all year was in Riccione, Italy. A small beach town on the Adriatic where the Water Polo Masters World Championships were held. Every day we would wake up around 9am, grab breakfast and ride bikes up to the pool. We’d play one game then stuff ourselves for lunch and spend the rest of the afternoon drinking wine on the patio of our hotel on the beach. The Hungarians would be drinking vodka. During this time I would often hand out spankings in chess to the Croatians and Hungarians. I was able to translate “Whoop Ass” for them.

We decided to cool down on a warm night at the opening ceremonies.
We are in the fountain facing the stage. 

I decided that I worked hard during the tournament so I spent another 6 weeks in Europe. I got to spend time with some of my foreign ex-swimmer buddies, the GF, my Moms, and some other friends who happened to be travelling at the same time. The only time I was actually alone during the trip was 2 days in Venice. Ironic huh?

Me and Mom's and Ponte Vecchio. As you can see
I grew my hair out so I fit in with the greasy Italians

After a long hike relaxing with some succo di limona e arrancia

The cities I visited (Riccione, Rimini, San Marino, Florence, Venice, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Warsaw, Krakow, Auschwitz, Birkinau, Tarnow, Madrid, Barcelona, Utrecht, Den Haag, Rotterdam, Houton, Leewarden, Pisa, Cinque Terra (Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernezza, Monterroso)

The famous Mermaid in Copenhagen

After all that travel I needed some time to relax so I took a couple short trips to Tahoe, Vegas and camping. After about a month off I felt refreshed enough to go on another vacation. I headed to Africa with the Woman, 7 other chicks, the tour guide, and our chef for a month long safari. We literally camped for a month. The wild life was amazing and we had a good time with some of the locals. Watching the American females interact with each other was also entertaining.

Hanging with my Gorilla buddy in the rainforest
on the Uganda Rwanda boarder

Those were the most notable memories of 2012. On top of that I had the yearly routine of trips to Tahoe, Vegas, camping, bachelor parties, weddings, and unfortunately funerals.

On the relationship front things were good. Like every relationships there's ups and downs. At first I thought the ups and downs were random until I began to notice a pattern where we’d fight at the end of every month like clockwork. I don’t believe in coincidences so I’m currently formulating different theories of why this might be.

I spent about 3 months studying Italian so I’d be able to order Lasagna when I was in Italy.
I started studying Mandarin. That language is hard.
I went into one of the gas chambers in Auschwitz.
The Mayans were wrong.
Other than that the Olympics were entertaining, Obama is back, and there was another School Massacre.
All of which were blog worthy:

My Take on the Olympics

Massacre in Connecticut

Why we need a black president

End of the World

On the sports front it’s been an exciting year.
My 49ers are finally entering a new Era with Kaepernick.  After 6 years of ineptitude and one playoff appearance in the Alex Smith regime, I am excited for a return to excellence.
Giants got lucky and won another world series. I have been a Giants fan my whole life but there is something anti-climactic about winning 2 World Series on the backs of journey men that were found off the scrap heap and then discarded back to said heap.
The Warriors look like they might become not crappy in the near future.

Best Quote: We pulled our truck over and were having dinner on the side of the road somewhere in Uganda. I kept telling the Woman to drink more water or else she'd get dehydrated. She was basically telling me to F-off. Our cook then said to her, "you should obey him".

Biggest Irony: Went to my protégés bachelor party in Talladega, Alabama. Funny thing is I felt more like a foreigner there than anywhere else I visited. 3 days/nights inside the track I did not see one non-white person. Some of my friends say they saw an Indian but that was never confirmed.
More on my Talladega trip if you're interested

Best Movie: Safety Not Guaranteed
Worst Movie: Drive

Biggest Accomplishment: Starting a 12 team keeper league and winning the inaugural season.
Biggest Disappointment: I was in Stockholm when Matt Cain pitched his perfecto.

Best Call: My post world series 2010 blog when I said the Giants must trade Tim Lincecum.
Best FB post (well the best one off the top of my head at least): Dear A"s fans please keep the noise to a minimum. the A's are not used to having fans at the game. All their walk offs came in an empty stadium

Favorite Pictures:

Breaking in my new sleeping bag at the airport during a long layover to Kenya

In the Grotto of the Blue Lagoon hot springs. Caught the creepy guy
on camera checking us out. 

All in all it was a good year. And most importantly my friends and family are all doing well.

What’s up for 2013?

I'm starting two more blogs this year. While Fireball’s Guide to Life is to help my readers improve their lives, these next two will be more personal and travel. All throughout my teens and early 20’s my friends and I used to do some pretty crazy funny stuff. As each year passes I forget a few of these stories. Eventually I will just be an old man who barely remembers what young mischievous Bayani was like. I’m going to write about personal experiences, travel, events and random stories.
It’s an archive for me. You are welcome to read because I’m sure you will find it entertaining. If you want to read more about my travels you can check out my travel blog where I will give more detailed accounts of my trips.

I am planning on going to Water Polo tournament in Hungary and another one in Hong Kong. Hopefully I can get some vacationing done before and after these tournaments. I want to make a stop in Thailand because you can get custom tailored dress shirts for $50.

Here's to 2013!


  1. Two incorrect comments. tailored shirts are way less than $50 in Thailand. More like $20 for a shirt if that unless you are getting hosed overseas. Also the Tim Lincecum comments came after I told you my thoughts on the trade idea(Dont lie on this). I was the one who said dump him now since the value is Massive and dont see the upside. Anyways you couldn't dump him them or the fans would have gone nuts and no point to get rid of him now. Maybe he has a decent year and they sign him for a reasonable salary going forward since he can be a solid player. ALot of other nonsense but these were 2 big points needed clarifying.

  2. I'll check into that when I'm there. $20 where you get to pick the fabric for a long sleeve tailored shirt is a hellof a deal.

    Don't worry Harry and Cecilia.. you guys aren't the first people to try to take credit for my bold claims.


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