Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Balloon That Created A Legend

This happened when I was in second grade:

My Family and I were at a back to school night. After it was over I was on the blacktop running around. My parents were yelling at us to get in the car because we were leaving. I was planning on heading back to the car once I caught the balloon I’d been chasing. It was dark and I was running full speed with my eyes fixed on the red balloon when smack. I ran straight into a metal pole about head high. One of those poles meant to keep cars out. I headed back to the car with my shoulder aching. But my pride ached worse for letting that damn balloon getaway. My Dad spanked me for making them wait and told me to get in.

I woke up the next morning and told my Mom my shoulder still hurt and she reluctantly brought me to the Doctors. I was diagnosed with a broken collar bone. You might be thinking that this story is about how tough I am. But the real story began after my arm healed.

I was always a good swimmer but I don’t think anyone thought I was a world beater. I liked Breastroke because it was the easiest and hated Butterfly because it was tiring. This all changed when my arm healed. When started swimming again I was flying, no pun intended. I just felt so fast. From that day forward, until my retirement many years ago, people have been in awe of my speed. Except for those select few that were faster.

The one time I remember from when I was kid was an 8-under 14.99 25 Fly.

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