Thursday, June 16, 2016

You Say Goodbye, and I Say Hello

I woke up early yesterday morning and drove our new minivan to the hospital at 3:50am because my wife told me she was having a baby. At 4:05 we pulled into the parking lot. At 4:24am, Marina Clare Yeen-Wai Flores, entered this world the same way I plan on leaving it, buck naked kicking and screaming.
I guess the rumors are true that the second labor is quick, she went flying out of the uterus like minority at a Trump rally, being pulled out by the head and bloodied. At 7lbs 5oz she is 8% bigger than her big sister was at this point in her career. Wife was a champ. She and the baby doing great.
By my count, that will be two baby's and two Warriors Championships in two years. I guess I'll have to go for the threepeat next year....

Unfortunately, she came about a week too late to meet her great grandmother who recently passed away at 98 and change.  Thankfully, in the last two years, Nama was able to enjoy her four other great grandchildren.

She grew up in a time that we've seen in movies but will never be able to fully understand. She was born towards the end of WW (one of twelve siblings) and survived the Japanese occupation in WW2. After the war she was in the kitchen cooking at a party for Florentino Molina, a WW2 veteran. Florentino was looking for a wife and this party was filled with single women. He went into the kitchen and met my grandmother. He spent the rest of the night talking with her and proposed that night. She didn't give him a straight answer, so he left flowers at her door every day after. A month later they were married.
Shortly after, they moved to America. She loved America as much as she hated Jehovah's Witnesses ringing her doorbell. She began working for the Post Office at the ripe young age of 50 and didn't retire until she was 88. During her prime she memorized every zip code in California and many others throughout the country. She would probably still be working if she didn't need to take care of her husband his last couple years. Even in her last days she could still recite most zip codes.

She was witty with a good sense of humor. Here's a few recent things I remember her saying:

When the news came out about Bill Cosby I asked her when it all happened and she said to me, "probably a long time ago, he's too old to be raping."

We were at Kamakura and the old lady owner that's been there for ages hobbled over to nama and asked her how old she was.
Nama, "I am 95. How old are you?"
Kamakura Lady, "I am 88."
Nama, "oh, you're so young!"

She never forgot her family and friends back home. She sent money, boxes of clothes and food to the Philippines every month until her last. She went peacefully in her home of 51 years in Alameda, purchased for 10k, surrounded by friends and family. The night before her final rest she was still sharp as a tac. I hope Marina will have as fullfilling a life as her great grandmother. The only sad thing is, Nama won't be here to see Donald Trump appoint Judge Judy to the Supreme Court. She loved Judge Judy.
This only scratches the surface of her life story.

We will bury her next month in the Arlington Cemetary alongside her husband. She is survived by her 3 children, 9 grandchildren, now 5 great grandchildren, and all her other family members, their children, and grandchildren that she helped bring to America.

Her is a slideshow from her funeral that hopefully captures a lot of her happiest moments... I had to change the music for this version because of youtube's stupid copyright laws (good thing they can't block me from the title of this blog). Make sure you click hd option.

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